It’s Time for an English Session

Note: I am still learning English, sorry if my English is bad. (You can correct me!)

It’s been a long time since I first wanted to write a blog in English. I tried to write in before but never published it. I think that’s about 4 years ago. Somehow, now I want to try again. I hope this time this post can be published. [Now, alhamdulillah, this post was published, yeah!] 😛

My reason for writing a blog in English is because I have many friends who like to write blogs in English. Sometimes when I read it I felt an envy. Why they can while I can’t. But I think envy in this matter is not a problem. That doesn’t matter as long as I don’t hate the person.

Talking about English, the most difficult thing is to find the right environment. For example, there are too many bullies when you want to learn to speak in English. It doesn’t matter if we want to maintain our mother tongue, but learning English doesn’t mean we don’t have nationalism.

And regarding the right environment, I feel fortunate to be able to work at the Gunung Palung National Park at this time. It all began since the circular letter of the head of Gunung Palung National Park, Mr. M. Ari Wibawanto (Ari), on April 26, 2019. It was written there that since 1 May 2019 all employees should speak English in the office.

Circular letter of The Head of Gunung Palung National Park, April 26, 2019.

Actually, since the regulation came into effect, only a few days the rule worked. Hahaha.. (Oh no, I feel I’m one of the bullies!!) Yeah, one side it’s sad but one side it’s something very funny (if you are Indonesian, surely you understand what I mean about proverb “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” and what I feel). But everything changed after the Lebaran holiday ended.*

*The more explanation of this paragraph is in the comments. Hopefully there are no misunderstandings.

At that time Mr. Bambang Hari Trimarsito (Bambang) persuaded me to speak in English once again. And I was very happy to hear that. Then we agreed to make a small community in Sukadana who determined to speak English with each other. We would hold regular meetings once a week, where we would discuss in English. Alhamdulillah, when this post was written, we have carried out three regular meetings.

I think reading English is easier than writing, especially compared to listening and speaking. I often have difficulty speaking English with correct pronunciation. And it’s still hard for me to watch movies in English without subtitles at all. It’s easier for me to understand English-language movies if I use subtitles even though the subtitles used are English subtitles.

So at the end of the post, I hope that the English discussion in Sukadana’s office can run continuously (Āmīn yā Rabbal ‘ālamīn..). Because it is very rare that Gunung Palung National Park has employees who master English like Leo, so we can learn English from him. Thanks, Leo.

Thanks for reading! 😀

Written at 1st Region National Park Management Section Office of Sukadana, Gunung Palung National Park.
Early Friday Morning, June 28, 2019.

11 pemikiran pada “It’s Time for an English Session

  1. yeaay, finally Mas Yusuf write a post again😆

    wow, the police in your office is good. I hope too, the English discussion in your office will continue 🙏

    “… And it’s still hard for me to watch movies in English without subtitles at all. ” me too 😂

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Oh, sepertinya saya salah tulis.. 😅

      Sebenarnya saya termasuk yg melaksanakan arahan dari Kepala Balai untuk berbahasa Inggris. Tapi secara alamiah (krn hanya beberapa orang saja yg melaksanakan) setelah sekian hari sudah tidak ada lagi yg berbahasa Inggris.

      “Anget2 tai ayam” begitu pepatah kita mengatakan. Dan saya tertawa karenanya. Saya tertawa karena lucu aja, kasus “anget2 tai ayam” sudah banyak terjadi di kehidupan kita.

      Setelah saya tertawa, saya merasa berdosa, seakan2 (feel) saya adalah salah seorang “tukang bully”. Kenyataannya saya tidak pernah mem-bully mereka yg menerapkan peraturan berbahasa Inggris, toh saya kan salah satu yg melaksanakan. Yg ada saya salah satu yg di-bully. 😅

      Sekian. Makasih ya udah berkunjung.

      Maaf, jawabnya pake bahasa Indonesia, biar lancar dan gak salah tulis lagi, hhe..


  2. Si Mulya

    Wow that’s cool to find work environtment which use English as main language. Hope you be an expert someday 😃

    Anyway I also still hard to watch movie without subtitle. But I think an animation movie much easier to follow. Maybe we can make a habit from that. 😅😅

    From this writing i feel some wish to post an article in English too.

    Salam kenal dari Mulya. 😃

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Yes, alhamdulillah. Aamiin yaa Rabbal ‘aalamiin..

      Yes, because an animation movie is very fun to watch.

      Oke, in syaa Allah I will wait for your writing.. 😀

      Salam kenal kembali Teh dari Yusuf..


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